Description Edit

A decrepit tower ruin north of Tallfields. There are no upper levels left standing - the tower is little more than a circular wall overgrown with vines. The basement is still intact, however, and contains a small cache of goodies...

Layout Edit

The tower basement is a large, dark, circular room overgrown with moss and lichen. A set of worn stone stairs partially covered with grass leads down to the rusted iron gate here that bars entrance to this room. Four pillars hold up the roof made of stone, and a reinforced wooden chest sits at the back of the room, a skeleton is lain over it.

The room is about 50x50ft, and contains a Wraith.

Treasure Edit

The following items are contained within the reinforced wooden chest...

  • 1x Potion of Healing
  • 52 gold and 13 silver coins
  • A yellowed scrap of paper titled "Undead Oil", that lists 3 items...
    • Sewant Mushroom
    • Nightshade
    • Ghoul Blood