Description Edit

A small cave system that the villagers of Doricstead are convinced is haunted. The moans and groans they've been hearing, however, are the vocalisations of the old hunter Vondal, who hasn't been seen in a while. He's been attacked by a bear and fell into the cave to seek shelter. The bear is too dangerous to let live, so he contracts the heroes to kill it before heading back to Doricstead with them (or wherever the party suggest he goes.)

Layout Edit

The cave is a small, 10ft wide entrance in the side of a hill. It drops about 5ft downb a sheer stone face twice in a sort of stairway pattern before you reach the floor of the cave. It's dark and damp, with roots from the trees above growing down through the rocky ceiling above. Vondal is sat propped up at the far end with a makeshift tourniquet on a wound to his side. It's clear he's lost a fair amount of blood, but he seems to have stabilised himself.

Vondal Edit

Vondal is relieved to see friendly faces...

"Oh thank the gods, someone found me... I'd have thought the people of Doricstead woulda found me sooner, but every time I 'eard someone at the cave entrance an' I called out...nobody came!"

"Been livin' off me meager rations for the past few days...was 'untin' a bear but it got the better o' me. Damn thing's too big to be let live, it'll wander into one o' the villages and wreak havoc."

"Bear has to be dealt with, then we can worry about gettin' me to somewhere safe. Last I saw it was headin' north over these 'ills. shouldn't be too tough to track...ground is nice and soft 'ere, would have left plenty o' marks to follow."